View Plutora Audit History

The Plutora Audit History of a record contains a searchable history of the events and updates associated with that record.

For Plutora Test’s Activity History, click here.

Release Audit History pop up

To view the Audit History of a record:

  1. Click the Audit History button at the top-right corner of pop ups throughout Plutora (see locations below):
    The Audit History button was originally hourglass-shaped History but is gradually being replaced by a clock  Audit History redesign as Plutora’s pages are redesigned.
  2. Search and filter the history:
    1. Live Search:  Type a parameter or value and press the Enter key.
    2. Filter: Click to select one or more of the All, Added, Modified or Deleted checkboxes.

The Plutora Audit History button can be found in the following locations:

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