Scheduler TECR Row Customization

Scheduler TECR Rows customizes the TECR row in the Environment Schedule.

Location of the Scheduler TECR Row

To locate the area of Plutora that Scheduler TECR Row customizes:

  1. Go to Environment > Schedule.
  2. Click a wrench to open the TECR Row, where TECRs are listed.
  3. The name, color, and display settings are customized by Scheduler TECR Row.

Customize the Scheduler TECR Row

To customize the Scheduler TECR Row:

  1. Go to Settings > Customization > Environments.
  2. Click Scheduler TECR Rows.
  3. Type a new title into Scheduler CR Row.
  4. Click the Scheduler CR Row Color drop-down menu and select a color or enter a Hex value.
  5. Click to select a Scheduler Display Settings checkbox:
    • Save per User: Plutora will remember the user’s last setting. Users can open and close the row by clicking the wrenches on the Environment Schedule.
    • Always show Scheduler CR row expanded if CRs appear during date range: Always show the Scheduler row open if there are TECRs to display.
  6. Click Submit.
    The yellow Your changes have been saved pop up opens and closes.
    If you click away from the Customization page without clicking Submit, your changes will not save.



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