Resolved Issues For Plutora

The list of resolved issues (bugs) for Plutora.

Asia-Pacific: December 10, 2018, Europe: December 11, 2018, and Americas: December 11, 2018

  • 10175: [Common] Date time picker fields now validate time data.
  • 10191, 9357: [Environment Schedule] The TECR row now displays when it should under all Environment Groups when Always show Scheduler CR row expanded if CRs appear during date range is selected in the Schedule TECR Row customization.
  • 10226: [Deployment Plan] When collapsing or expanding Master Deployment Plans with child Deployment Plans, the checkbox of the Master Deployment Plan is no longer ticked.
  • 10434, 12135: [Environment Manager] Bulk delete of Environments now works as it should.
  • 10620: [Release Manager] Free text custom fields with multiple lines now auto-expand when moving between Additional Information tabs.
  • 10806: [Release Activities] Release Activities imported without the Import ‘Assigned To’ and Phase/Gate’ values checkbox selected from another Release can now have their Phase/Gate and Activities filled in via the Activities grid.
  • 10846: [Insights] Header and rows are now aligned when printing.
  • 10848: [Blockout Periods] Users without the permissions to create, update, or delete Blockout Periods no longer see the Save or Save & Close buttons momentarily.
  • 11041/11949: [ServiceNow Customization] TECRs created via ServiceNow now show on Environment Schedule.
  • 11045: [Jira Customization] Component field in Jira can now be mapped to a custom field in Plutora.
  • 11058: [Change Manager and Release Manager] Zero values are now applied when updating currency, number, and decimal custom fields.
  • 11155, 12216: [Email Template Wizard] TEBR entity with trigger Conflict emails are now sent.
  • 11948: [Release Calendar] Release Description links are now clickable.
  • 12016: [Environment Schedule] While using IE11, the performance of collapsing and expanding Environments is now improved.
  • 12020: [TECR] After selecting a workflow status with specified assignees, only those assignees and not the whole list of users will now be found in the Assignee field.
  • 12023: [Release Manager] Query Builder is now working as it should for Implementation Date.
  • 12028: [Release Manager] New Event dates no longer change to the Release’s Implementation Date.
  • 12051: [Environment Schedule] The legend now explains all the colored bars and icons.
  • 12070: [Environment Schedule] When Quick Filtering By Environment or Environment Group, the scroll bar on the left-hand panel (with the list of Environments and Environment Groups) no longer generates an error.
  • 12071: [Environment Schedule] After collapsing Environment Groups, then changing the date of a booking, No rows to display no longer appears and the Environment Groups do not reappear expanded.
  • 12072: [Environment Schedule] A page refresh no longer occurs if a booking is opened and closed again without being updated.
  • 12076: [TEBR] When the Do not allow Booking dates to be out of TEBR duration checkbox is selected in TEBR Mandatory Details Customization, the user can now update the TEBR Start and End Dates.
  • 12136: [Release Manager] Phase Dates can now be updated if the user has all the Project Release Manager user permissions selected.
  • 12271: [Email Template Wizard] Initiative Management emails are now sent to notification emails instead of primary emails.
  • 12285: [TECR] TECR Status can now be updated using the secure email link.
  • 12490, 12241: [Release Manager] Grid column selector Implementation Date now works as expected.
  • 12506: [Release Manager] Updated custom fields now display in the grid.
  • 12528: [TEBR] When booking an Environment Group, Allocation Release Booking Date now matches TEBR Start and End Dates and Times.

Asia-Pacific: October 29, 2018, Europe: November 5, 2018, and Americas: November 6, 2018

  • 10350,9776,12035: [PIR] PIR Questionnaires can now be opened by clicking on the link in the email.
  • 10410: [Deployment Plan] Clicking the I’m a Stakeholder button will now filter Deployment Plans that have as a Stakeholder a User Group that you belong to.
  • 10419: [Environment Requests] When a user sorts the data under the TEBR tab, the data now loads when the user scrolls down.
  • 10512: [Change, TECR, TEBR, Environment, System, and Release Custom Fields Customizations] Reordering Custom Field Groups no longer prevents any new records or updates to Group Name, sort position, and Color from being saved.
  • 10563: [Command Center] Activity Summary widget now shows the complete list of Activities.
  • 10638: [Changes] A Change that has been added in an Australian time zone (for example, +10 UTC) can now be searched for using the Expected Delivery Date in a US time zone (for example, -8 UTC).
  • 10745/10613: [Release Manager] The workflows of duplicated Releases now update correctly when their Release Status is updated.
  • 10795: [Release Activities] Child Releases that have had all Phases and Gates imported from the parent Enterprise Release now show Assigned To data in their Activities and Criteria.
  • 10798: [System Impact Matrix] Query Builder is now working correctly when filtered by Release Date with the condition On.
  • 10846: [Insights] The print button now works in the Overdue Release Activities widget.
  • 10910: [Environment Schedule] In Conflict View, Environments now appear in alphabetical order.
  • 10950: [API] When a user adds an Environment Group via Swagger or Postman, the record is now created without a 500 error. Organization is now treated as a mandatory field for adding an Environment Group via API.
  • 11060: [Deployment Plan] Clicking on a child Deployment Plan of a Master Deployment Plan now opens the child and its Activities without errors.
  • 11102: [Environment Group Custom Fields and Environment Group Custom Lists Customizations] When a list field’s name is updated in Environment Group Custom Fields, the updated name is now shown in Environment Group Custom Lists.
  • 11947: [Release Calendar] Release Calendar no longer hangs when users click a link to Jira in a TECR Description.
  • 11990: [Deployment Plan] When Systems are removed from Releases, those Releases will remain linked to Deployment Plans.
  • 12018: [TEBR] Project/Release Description is no longer editable.
  • 12050: [Environment Schedule] The Expand All and Collapse All button label now displays as it should.
  • 12069: [Environment Schedule] Environments are no longer open blank if they are opened after another or the same Environment has been opened and closed.
  • 12073: [Environment Schedule] Collapsed groups no longer reopen when a booking pop up is opened and closed.
  • 12096: [Integration Hub] Scripts should run faster.

Asia-Pacific: October 9, 2018, Europe: October 11, 2018, and Americas: October 15, 2018

  • 9943: [Release Manager] When a Release’s Status is updated to the next stage of a workflow and saved, then the Status is reverted to the previous one and saved, the workflow updates correctly.
  • 9714: [API] TEBRs created using the API now have Systems and System Subtypes.
  • 9850: [API] Environments created using the API can now be set as Shared Environments.
  • 10732: [Insights] When a user filters for Releases inside their Portfolio Association (with the I’m a Stakeholder for filter turned off) Releases outside their Portfolio Association will no longer appear.
  • 10797: [Release Manager] When a Project Release that is a child to an Enterprise Release is duplicated, the duplicated Project Release will now appear under the Enterprise Release in Release Manager without the user having to click refresh on their browser.
  • 10829: [Release Activities] Enterprise and Child Release Activities added to a child Project Release from a parent Enterprise Release will remain with the child, even if the parent is unassociated and another Enterprise Release is made the parent.
  • 10875: [Release Calendar] In the Year view, the last day of the year’s Blockout Periods are now displayed.
  • 11028: [Release Activities] After duplicating a Release and setting a new implementation date, Release Activities will have their dates shifted for the same amount of time relative to the previous implementation date.
  • 11062: [Release Manager] Under Systems tab, if a System is dragged into Regression Verification Dependency, and another System is dragged into a section further down, clicking the second System will no longer open the first System’s pop up.
  • 11102: [TEBR] After importing an Excel spreadsheet with TEBR data, the Additional Information fields now appear correctly in the imported TEBR records.
  • 11894: [Custom Scripts Customization] When creating a project, the Next button now works in IE11.
  • 12050: [Environment Schedule] Conflict View now shows all the Environment Groups that Environments are integrated with.

Asia-Pacific: September 17, 2018, Europe and Americas: September 19, 2018

  • 9463: [TEBR] The error message tooltip showing the correct date and time formats now matches the localization settings.
  • 9927: [Session Timeout Customization] Session Timeout no longer occurs when a user is active in Plutora in one browser tab but has other, idle, Plutora tabs open.
  • 10652,10815,10508, 10566: [TECR] Multiple Layers of the same Environment are now updated simultaneously. When the Status is changed to Completed, all component values will be updated.

Asia-Pacific: September 3, 2018, Europe and Americas: September 5, 2018

  • 6083: [Environment Manager] If the missing required fields error message relates to a tab that is not open, that tab will now open when the message appears and the missing fields will be highlighted with red borders.
  • 6797: [API] The identifier field for Release Activities or Criteria is now present in the request/responses for GET and POST /releases/{id}/activities, GET and PUT /releases/{id}/activities/{activityId}, GET and POST /releases/{id}/criterias, and GET and PUT /releases/{id}/criteria/{criteriaId}.
  • 10249: [Release Manager] Clicking the Status column header now sorts statuses alphabetically in ascending or descending order.
  • 10272: [API] It is now possible to add a User Group Stakeholder to a System, add a Stakeholder to a System if it already has a User Group Stakeholder, and edit a User Group Stakeholder in a System.
  • 10298, 10652, 10963: [Common] Runtime errors and Cloudflare 500 responses no longer occur when users log into Plutora.
  • 10480: [User Management] When managing user roles and permissions, the vertical scrollbar no longer jumps to the top when a permission checkbox is clicked.
  • 10511: [Environment Schedule] When adding or viewing a Schedule Marker in Environment Group view, the marker now appears under the correct date.
  • 10796: [Release Activities] Due Date is now correctly child pushed from parent Enterprise Release Activities to child Release Activities.
  • 10837: [User Management] Users who only have permission to view Releases now cannot bulk update Phases.
  • 10895: [TECR, TEBR, Environment, System, and PIR Custom Fields Customizations] Fields with the data type Number can now display the value ‘0’ in the relevant grids.
  • 10912: [ServiceNow Customization] Independent Releases created using ServiceNow are now editable and are properly marked as Independent Releases so they display correctly in Release Manager and Release Calendar.
  • 10922: [PIR] View, Download, and Delete buttons now appear on PIR Item attachments.
  • 10923: [PIR] Attachments can now be added to PIR Item Impacts, Actions, Root Causes, and Preventative Measures.
  • 10935: [ServiceNow Customization] Dates and times will now be sent correctly as long as the user’s timezone is set to UTC.
  • 10978: [Custom Scripts Customization] When opening an existing Release record, the Status field is now present.

August 20, 2018

  • 10023: [TEBR and TECR] The Assigned To fields in new TEBRs and TECRs now filter names as users type.
  • 10242: [Environment Requests] The metrics panel graph showing completed requests now updates when a TEBR or TECR is deleted.
  • 10244: [Environment Manager] The scrollbar in the Details tab of the Environment pop up no longer covers buttons and fields.
  • 10349: [Release Activities] Navigating to another tab after updating Assigned To, Status, or Phase/Gate in the Release Activity grid will now save that field and the drop-down menu will no longer persist.
  • 10396: [Environment Schedule] Impact Analysis is now spelled correctly.
  • 10520: [Environment Schedule] When changing from Conflict view to Environment Group view and back again, Environments and their expand and collapse buttons no longer disappear.
  • 10773: [Environment Schedule] When loading a filter, all the selected System, Environment or Group, or Release ID/Name filters are now loaded, and the results show correctly.

August 6, 2018

  • 9225: [Environment Schedule] The Status bar on Bookings in the Overview and Release views is now smaller so Bookings no longer overlap.
  • 10472: [Release Activities] Actual Completed Date now saves correctly.
  • 10643: [Release Activities] When updating a Release Activity’s Status from the grid, the Phase or Gate’s progress bar and completion tick icons now update correctly.
  • 10660: [Environment Schedule] Quick Filters now load correctly.
  • 10727: [Release Activities] The following columns can now be hidden: Action, Forecast Date, Start Date, Due Date, and Duration.

July 23, 2018

  • 8948: [Blockout Periods] Calendar pop ups now stay open until closed.
  • 9049: [Release Activities] The Enterprise & Child tab in the Release Framework panel is no longer cut off.
  • 9470: [Release Environments] Releases now reflect Environment conflicts after updates in the View/Edit My Environment Booking pop up.
  • 9756, 10024, 10430: [Release Manager and Query Builder] The Enterprise, Project, and Independent checkboxes now filter in addition to Query Builder, and the Show Related Releases checkbox shows associated parent and child Releases.
  • 10438/10608: [Release Calendar] Deleted Blockout Periods no longer display on Release Calendar.
  • 10467: [Deployment Plan] The exported Deployment Plan Activity font color is now black instead of white.
  • 10643, 9846: [Release Activities] The Assigned To column is now correctly labeled.
  • 10718: [ETL] The Not a valid name error message is no longer displayed.
  • 10719: [System Impact Matrix] Exporting to .xls no longer causes a 500 server status and the error message Uncaught ReferenceError: headerTemplate is not defined.

July 9, 2018

  • 8815: [ServiceNow Customization]  Changes Assigned To field is now in the ServiceNow integration list of fields.
  • 8954: [ELT] Completed ETL files are no longer stuck in the InProgress folder.
  • 9091: [User Management] Sorting by User Group and by Role now returns consistent and ordered results.
  • 9432: [TEBR] Closing the TEBR Terms and Conditions pop up by clicking the X in the top-right corner no longer causes an error.
  • 9742: [ELT] Additional Information fields with date and time values are now being saved in UTC.
  • 9451: [ServiceNow Customization] The following error message is no longer displayed: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • 10059, 8815: [ServiceNow Customization and Jira Customization] The Assigned To field now maps correctly and is no longer left blank.
  • 10188: [TECR Maintenance Bench] Assigned To field now loads the full list of users instead of the list of users based on the previous Assigned To filter.
  • 10190: [Release Manager] Closing a Release that has been opened from an  Enterprise Release’s Release Manifest tab will now return the user to the Release Manifest tab instead of the Systems tab.
  • 10462, 10227: [Email Template Wizard] TEBR Entity Field [Update_via_Secure_URL] no longer opens a blank page when the user is not logged into Plutora.
  • 10472: [Release Activities] Placing the mouse cursor over the Actual Completed Date of a completed Activity no longer changes that date to the current time.
  • 10484: [Blockout Periods and Release Schedule] Blockout Periods now show on the Release Schedule without the error: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
  • 10538: [Release Schedule] Viewing Release Schedule with date ranges starting and ending on the first day of a month now displays data, if it is present, and no longer causes an error.

June 25, 2018

  • 9110: [Release Manager] The Assigned To Stakeholder now updates correctly in the Release Activity grid.
  • 9148: [PIR] Free text custom fields now display a scrollbar instead of auto-growing.
  • 9750: [Email Template Wizard] Email template names now only have to be unique for their own instance of Plutora.
  • 10005: [ETL] Records are now created or updated if incorrect data is found on the first row of the .csv file.
  • 10016: [Bulk Update TECRs] Bulk updating TECRs no longer changes their Outage field to No.
  • 10033: [Email Template Wizard] User Management has been removed.
  • 10082: [Release Manager] Environments under the Environments tab now display their full Environment Name when the Enable Sub-Environments checkbox is checked in Environment Setup Customization.
  • 10280: [TECR Workflows] The correct User Groups and User Roles can now update statuses.
  • 10298: [Common] Logging has been added to the Identity Provider (IdP).
  • 10320: [ETL and PIR] When a PIR is created via ETL, the created date and updated date are now tagged with the current date.
  • 10343: [PIR] Impacted Release/Projects field in PIR Items can now be filtered by Release ID and Release Name.

June 4, 2018

  • 9718: [Jira Integration Customization] Parent Release field is now updated when an existing Release is updated through Jira.

May 7, 2018

  • 9451: [ServiceNow Integration Customization] When users create a Release in Plutora and PUSH to ServiceNow, the following error message is no longer generated: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • 9718: [Jira Integration Customization] Change Delivery Release value is now successfully updated for existing records.
  • 9789: [ServiceNow Integration Customization] TECR Custom Fields from ServiceNow are now being populated into Plutora.
  • 9845, 9795, 9827, 9861,10018: [Environment Requests] TEBR and TECR pop up headers now contain the ID number.
  • 9959: [ServiceNow Integration Customization] When running a TECR pull, the following error message is no longer generated: SecureTokenService has not been registered.

April 23, 2018

  • 9522: [Release Manager] Stakeholder role now updates, even if the RACI is not updated as well.
  • 9582/9713: [Deployment Plan and PIR] Deployment Plan Activity comments and PIR Item comments that have been replied to are now visible.
  • 9711/10072: [Email Template Wizard] Emails are now being sent and the Too many connections from your host error message no longer appears.
  • 9715,9627: [Deployment Plan] Users can now pick a Revised Start Time or a Revised End Time for Deployment Plan Activities.
  • 9761: [Email Template Wizard] Users can now select Deployment Plan Custom Fields and the Activity’s Responsible user as Entity Fields.
  • 9883: [Release Manager] When using a combination of Grid Column Filters, Query Builder, and Live Search, the user no longer receives errors. Live Search has been removed from Release Manager.
  • 9934, 10176: [Systems Manager] Additional Information tab now scrolls on the Systems pop up.
  • 10098: [Organization Structure] Organizations now stay in their designated folders when folders are opened and closed.

March 19, 2018

  • 9643 [Common]: Plutora modules now load in Internet Explorer browser and Releases load within two seconds.
  • 9699: [Email Template Wizard] Entity TEBRs and the trigger Any Value Updated now works as expected. Creating and updating a new TEBR, or clicking Save or Save & Close on an existing TEBR without making any changes, will no longer send an email notification.

February 13, 2018

  • 7235: [Deployment Plan] Online users now show as Active and offline users as Inactive. User Groups display as N/A.
  • 7290: [Environment Requests] The logged in user no longer shows as the Approver/Rejector.
  • 7822: [Reports] When removing a Role, User Group, or User from a Report Folder Permission, the confirmation pop up is no longer blank.
  • 7990: [ELT] Project Manager data is now checked and updated.
  • 8047: [Environment Manager] A loading gif now appears when exporting data to XLS and data exports as it should.
  • 8074: [Environment Schedule] The last state of Conflict View and Environment Group View are now stored, and are loaded when the user returns.
  • 8350: [Release Manager] Attachments can now be added to Activities while using a touch-screen computer.
  • 8391: [Systems Manager] When Systems are sorted by Portfolio Association this sort order no longer reverses when one of the Systems has a Stakeholder added.
  • 8411/8986: [Reports] User Login Summary report now displays hours and minutes for every user in the Average Duration column instead of Pending Logout.
  • 8413: [Environment Schedule] Ctrl + clicking on a wrench icon now expands the current TECR row only and collapses the other open TECR rows.
  • 8626: [Common] Organization nodes are now soft deleted instead of hard deleted. Parent organizations with empty child organizations can now be deleted. Organizations associated with deleted Environment Groups, Releases, Users, Systems, Deployment Plans, or Blockout Periods can now be deleted. Reports now work correctly when there are soft-deleted Releases linked to hard-deleted organization nodes.
  • 8660 [Deployment Plan] Activities can now be exported to XLS.
  • 8717: [Organization Structure] When editing an organization, the Director’s name no longer displays as blank or as a GUID.
  • 8720: [Environment Schedule] When loading a filter in Conflict View, the entire filter now loads instead of just the start and end dates.
  • 8733: [Insights] When Release IDs are sorted in alphabetical order, it is now possible to scroll through the entire list, instead of only as far as C or D.
  • 8760: [Deployment Plan] The new Deployment Plan button now contains less white space.
  • 8823: [Email Template Wizard] TEBR update notifications now contain the correct data.
  • 8845: [User Management] The Status and Advanced sections of the Edit User pop up are no longer grayed out if the user has Pending status.
  • 8867: [Release Manager] When marking a Phase as completed in the Activities tab grid, the new status now renders immediately.
  • 8895: [Deployment Plan] HTML descriptions no longer cause Deployment Plans to open blank.
  • 8929: [Environment Manager] Ctrl + V paste keyboard shortcut now works in the Technical Specs and Configuration Host Name and Component Name.
  • 8934: [Email Template Wizard] The Send email to Activity Assignee checkbox now appears for the Entity Deployment Plan and the Triggers DP activity is about to start, DP activity has not started on time, DP activity has not ended on time, and DP activity is completed.
  • 8938: [Release Manager] On the Activities tab grid, clicking the Activity ID or Title hyperlinks now opens the Activity pop up and clicking inside the cell outside the hyperlinks makes the data editable unless the field is only editable from the Enterprise Release.
  • 8954: [ETL] Data is always uploaded, even if the file is being used by another process. Files are processed on a first come, first served basis.
  • 8969: [TECR] Status is now saved correctly after clicking Save & Close.
  • 9011: [Release Manager] Bulk Update pop up’s Update button now saves all tabs.
  • 9078: [Release Manager] The first modification of a custom field now appears correctly in the Audit History.
  • 9080: [Email Template Wizard] Email notifications are now sent for the Entity PIR Trigger Status Updated when another Trigger for Any Value Updated is active.
  • 9081: [Customizations and Release Manager] Release Custom Fields that are mandatory for Enterprise Releases only are no longer mandatory for Project or Independent Releases.
  • 9134: [Deployment Plan and User Management] Users with the permission Deployment Plan – Update Deployment Plan in Approved and Execution Mode can now update Activity statuses. Users with the permission Update Revised Start/End Time are now unable to update Activity statuses.
  • 9420/9010/9032/8833: [Release Manager] Tabbing quickly between Additional Information fields is now possible without causing an infinite animation loop.
  • 9371, 9101: [Deployment Plan] When editing an Activity Group Name, the new name now saves.
  • 9465/9543/9566: [Release Manager] Bulk updating Activity statuses under Activities tab now works as expected.

January 18, 2018

  • 9166: [Deployment Plan] A Release link no longer disappears when the Release’s implementation date is set to a past date.
  • 9308: [Release Manager and Release Schedule] Release Schedule colors no longer reset to hex color #8FCD50.

December 16, 2017

  • 8842: [Email Template Wizard] TEBR Entity email template Entity Fields [[TABLE_Environments]] and [[Update_via_Secure_URL]] now display as they should.

December 7, 2017

  • 9203: [Environment Manager] Environments grid now loads as it should when the filter result is under 100.

December 4, 2017

  • 8947: [Changes] New Changes now save in a few seconds.

November 17, 2017

  • 9121: [Environment Schedule] Under Environment Group View, while filtering by TEBR Type, when the blue wrench button is clicked, TECR rows should now display as they should.

November 7, 2017

  • 9031, 9009, and 8926: [Release Manager] Free text fields in the Additional Information panel now auto-expand as they should.

November 2, 2017

  • 7945: [Release Manager] Release Activities now successfully import from Excel files.
  • 8152: [PIR] Users with and without active Plutora credentials can now click on a PIR Item Secure URL link in an email, and view and modify that PIR Item.
  • 8172: [Deployment Plan] Activity Start and End Dates exported to XLS are now in standard XLS format.
  • 8346: [User Management] Buttons are now properly aligned.
  • 8454 and 8228: [TECR] Workflows now display as they should.
  • 8455: [Settings] TECR Status workflow diagrams now open as they should.
  • 8510: [Environment Schedule] In the TECR row, added Environments and Environment Groups are now visible and Release ID and Name now appear in tooltips.
  • 8723: [Common] Many CSS issues fixed.
  • 8919: [User Management] Emailed user account activation links now open as they should.

October 19, 2017

  • 8835: [Deployment Plan] Responsible field can now be bulk updated for Activities.

October 16, 2017

  • 8845: [User Management] The Status and Advanced panels of non-activated users can now be edited.

October 10, 2017

  • 8048: [Reports] Users accessing a Report Public URL can now see all pages of the report.
  • 8399: [Reports] Release Activities with Custom Fields Report no longer fails on Excel export.

October 3, 2017

  • 7867: [Release Manager] Statuses in Intake Approval column now display as they should.
  • 7996 and 8695: [Reports] Scheduled reports in PDF now have a run on date and time in the footer.
  • 8657: [Reports] Director’s Report Production Incidents column now displays when it should.
  • 8678: [PIR] Comments no longer show an error that they haven’t posted, even though they have.
  • 8682: [Reports] Formatted text no longer appears in reports with HTML tags.

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