Plutora’s Service Level Agreement

Plutora’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be found on this page.

You can also read more Information about How To Use Plutora’s Support and Plutora’s Technology Stack And Service Model.

Plutora’s resilient and reliable cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee per month that covers:

  • Release Manager
  • Test Environment Manager
  • Deployment Manager
  • Reporting
  • Stryka.

This availability guarantee does not apply during the standard scheduled maintenance window, which is 0100 Hrs and 0130 Hrs every Wednesday, PST.

Plutora’s target service availabilities are:

Severity Classification Fault Severity Description Return to Service Time During Support Hours
1 Critical Total inability to perform the normal operations of an Application.  4 hours
2 High Severely restricted use of an Application. High severity problems are potential critical severity problems. 12 hours
3 Medium Important to the use of an Application, but not vital enough that it be resolved immediately. 2 days
4 Normal Not crucial to the overall operation or use of an Application. 7 days

Penalties incurred from breaking the SLA are recorded in each customer’s contract.

The “Return To Service Time” means the period which commences from the time a fault in services is reported to Supplier’s help desk, ending when the service is returned to working order including where a temporary repair is performed to enable the use of the applications before permanent restoration is effected.

All fault severity classifications shall be designated by the customer at the time the fault is reported to Plutora’s help desk or otherwise as soon as practicable after the fault becomes known to Plutora. In the event that Plutora does not agree with the classification, the parties shall meet and come to mutual agreement.

Electronic help desk and ticketing are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. See how to raise a support ticket.

Plutora maintains a single version of its software modules within the customer’s region. Minor enhancements are released weekly, while major enhancements are released monthly. These releases are designed to represent desirable and manageable increments to Plutora’s service and should not be seen as events that require a major change program.

Plutora will automatically upgrade their service with major enhancements each month:

  • Major software releases and major hardware upgrades, normally contain large amounts of new functionality, some of which may make intervening fixes to problems redundant. A major upgrade or release usually supersedes all preceding minor upgrades, releases, and emergency fixes

Plutora will automatically upgrade their service with minor enhancements each week:

  • Minor software releases and hardware upgrades, normally contain small enhancements and fixes, some of which may have already been issued as emergency fixes. A minor upgrade or release usually supersedes all preceding emergency fixes.


Plutora’s software modules are accessible through the following browsers on the customer’s operating environment:

  • Chrome (the preferred browser).
  • Internet Explorer 11+.
  • Edge.

Firefox is supported but not recommended.

Read more about Plutora’s Technology Stack And Service Model.

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