Plutora Test Navigation Menu

The Plutora Test Navigation Menu is the blue header bar that allows users to:

  1. Navigate between Plutora Test pages.
  2. Navigate to Plutora Test Hub.
  3. Select the Project/Release to be shown in results.
  4. See how many references have been made to you in the Comments Stream.
  5. Open the user menu to:
    • Manage your account.
    • See the current version number of Plutora Test.
    • Obtain help from the knowledge base.
    • Log out of Plutora Test.

Users need the Navigation user permission to view the left sidebar and the top bar navigation buttons.

To use the Navigation Menu:

  1. To open the Plutora Test Navigation Menu:
    1. Click the Menu button (hamburger)  at the top left of the sidebar menu.
    2. The menu opens:
      • Desktop version:
  2. The Plutora Test Navigation Menu and the side menu below it contain button links to the following pages:
  3. To close Plutora Test’s Navigation Menu:
    1. Click outside the menu.
    2. Click the X at the top right of the Plutora Test Navigation Menu
    3. Press the Escape key on your keyboard.

Click the Plutora Test logo to navigation to Plutora Test Hub.

Filters the following pages, so that the items shown are associated with the selected Project/Release:

The number next to the bell icon show the number of comments in your Comment Stream.

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