Plutora Feature Release Notes for June 20, 2017

Features Included in the June 20, 2017 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific June 20, 2017
Europe June 20, 2017
Americas June 20, 2017

Functionality Enhancements


Insights Dashboard has a new Activities Completed on Time  widget, replacing the Gate Compliance widget.

“As a user, I want the ability to see a breakdown of my Activities Completed on Time (Gate Compliance) such as the % completed on time, % completed late, % overdue and % upcoming.”

Activities Completed on Time Widget

  • Previously, users of Insights Dashboard could not see a full breakdown of their Activities.
  • Now, using the new Activities Completed on Time Insights Dashboard widget they can:
    • View the percentage of all completed activities.
    • View cumulative figures and:
      • % completed on time.
      • % completed late.
      • % overdue.
      • % upcoming.
    • Drill down via Activity Status and view or edit Activities or Criteria.

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Prevent users from seeing and booking Environments and Environment Groups that do not belong to their Portfolio Association.

“As an administrator, I want my users to only be able to book and see Environments and Environment Groups that relate to their Portfolio Association.”

Restrict Environments by Portfolio Association

  • Previously, users could see all Environments and Environment Groups regardless of their Portfolio Association.
  • Now, administrators can select the My Portfolio Association checkbox for the Restrict Site-Wide View of Environments user permission for any User Role and prevent users with that role from seeing or interacting with any Environment Group, or Environment belonging to a System outside their Portfolio Association.
Automate the push of TEBR information to your secure SFTP folder as a .csv file.

“As an administrator, I want to share the list of TEBRs that have been created or modified with other departments. Now I can have that list sent automatically.


  • Previously, TEBR data could not be pushed automatically by SFTP.
  • Now, administrators using the new TEBR Customization can set TEBR creation and modification data to be SFTPed in the form of .csv files:
    • Every time a TEBR is created or modified for the selected Environments.
    • On a regular basis, such as hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.
Environment Groups view in the Environment Schedule now has more booking display options and shows Environment Group colors in the left-hand column.

“As a user, I would like to see the Environment Group colors on the left-hand side of the Environment Schedule so I can keep track of Environment Groups while I am looking at TEBR information.”

Environment Schedule Enhancements

  • Previously, Environment Group colors in the Environment Schedule’s Environment Group view were hidden while viewing TEBRs.
  • Now, when users switch to Environment Group view in Environment Schedule:
    • They can toggle between showing the Environment Group Color Scheme or the Release Color Scheme (administrators can select the Release color in Environment Setup Customization).
    • They can also see Environment Group colors displayed in the left-hand column so it is easy to see where the bookings belong.

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