Plutora Feature Release Notes for July 2, 2017

Features Included in the July 2, 2017 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific July 3, 2017
Europe July 2, 2017
Americas July 2, 2017

Functionality Enhancements


The first stage of the Initiative Management module has been released.

“As a Release Manager, I want to track my teams, their costs, roles, and much more. Now I can do all of that in Plutora.”

Initiative Management – First Release

Users can now have more than one User Role.

“As an administrator, I can now give a single user multiple user roles instead of having to create multiple accounts to give that user sufficient privileges.”

Multiple User Roles

  • Previously, each User could only have a single User Role.
  • Now, Users can have multiple User Roles.
Report Center’s embedded analytics platform has been updated.

“As a Release Manager, I want the latest, fastest, and most bug-free software running my reports.”

Update for Report Center

  • Report Center has been upgraded.
  • Users will notice the following enhancements:
    • In the left-hand navigation panel, My Reports is now called My Bookmarks, and Public Reports is now called Public Bookmarks.
    • Filtered reports can now have their filters updated without having to be reopened.
    • Reports added to the custom dashboard panel list can now have their filters updated.
    • When saving a report as a public bookmark, you can drill down below the main company folder.
    • Combo boxes now work correctly in Firefox.
    • Charts can be deleted.
Three new ways to use Plutora’s API.

“As a Release Manager, I want to see a list of Systems Stakeholders and see who last modified a Change request. Now I can locate these records using the API.”

API Enhancements

  • The following API enhancements have been added:
    • GET/Changes/{ID}/:
      • LastModifiedDate: For example, “2017-05-25T01:04:01.222Z”.
      • LastModifiedBy: For example, “”.
    • GET/Systems/{ID}/:
      • Stakeholders: For example, “Fred Smith”.

Tems-Logo-more white space

Customize the title of the Environments module, as you can for the Changes module.

“As an administrator, I use the Environments module (TEMS) within Plutora to manage physical assets as well as test environments, so I would prefer to use the term Equipment rather than Environments.”

Rename “Environments”

  • Previously, the title of the Environments module was hard-coded into Plutora.
  • Now, administrators can use Title Names Customization to customize the name of the Environments module where it appears throughout Plutora.

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