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Over the next few weeks, we will be updating our user interface to make it more consistent. The icons, buttons, fonts, formatting, and colors that appear in the screenshots below will be temporarily out of date.

Traffic Lights are the green, red, green with a red outline, or gray circles found in the Status column in Release Manager.

Release Manager Traffic Lights colors represent:

  • Red: The due date of the Gate or Phase has passed, and it has incomplete Activities.
  • Green: The due date of the Gate or Phase has passed, and all Activities were completed on time.
  • Green with a red outline: The due date of the Gate or Phase has passed, all Activites are complete, but at least one Activity was not completed on time.
  • Gray:
    • The start and end date of the Gate or Phase are in the future. The Activities have not yet been started or are in progress.
    • No Activities or Criteria have been assigned to the Gate or Phase.

Using the Release Grid User Settings menu in Release Manager, users can:

  • Hide Traffic Lights.
  • Control whether Traffic Lights reflect the status of:
    • Phases
    • Gates
    • Phases and Gates.


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