Introduction To Insights Dashboard

Insights Dashboard brings all delivery metrics together to provide a one-stop view of all Release, Test, and Quality data.

Find out how to Manage Insights Dashboard.

Default Grid Views Customization allows administrators to align the grid view setup for new users or for all users.

The View Insights user permission is required before Insights Dashboard can be viewed and used.

It is possible to set which columns will display in Insights Dashboard.

To show or hide columns using the column headers:

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the right-hand side of a column header until the header menu button appears.
  2. Click the header menu button and select Columns.
  3. Click to select column checkboxes.


To adjust the width of columns:

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the right side of a column header until the cursor changes into a double arrow.
  2. Left click and drag to make the column wider or narrower.
    Only the following columns can be adjusted: Release ID, Release Name, Systems, Implementation Date, and TECR Due Today.

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