Introduction To Report Favorites

To make Reports easier to access, users can favorite Reports, which makes them appear under Reporting in the blue navigation menu.

Any report can be favorited. But if you have changed any of the parameters, save the report first as Public or Private before favoriting it. Otherwise, the favorite link will only lead to the generic report without the changed parameters.

To favorite a Report:

  1. Go to Reporting > Report Center.
  2. Click to open a Report.
  3. Click Add to favorites on the top of the pop up.
    Add to report favorites April 2017
  4. Click the refresh button on your browser to make the report appear under Reporting in the blue navigation menu.

Removing a Report Favorite will not delete the report from Plutora.

To remove a Report Favorite:

  1. Go to Reporting > Report Center.
  2. Click to open the Report.
  3. Click Remove from favorites on the top of the pop up.
    Remove from report favorites April 2017

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