Duplicate Environment Requests (TECRs and TEBRs)

Duplicating an environment request saves users from re-entering information.

Only one TECR can be duplicated at a time. TEBRs can be duplicated multiple times and recreated weekly or monthly.

To duplicate a TECR:

  1. Go to Environment > Requests.
  2. Duplicate a TECR:
    1. Click the TECR tab.
    2. Select a TECR by clicking its checkbox.
      1. When users duplicate a TECR, now the TECR’s Linked Changes are duplicated too.
    3. Click to select Duplicate Request from the Action menu.
    4. Edit the Request Title if desired.
    5. Click Duplicate.

To duplicate a TEBR:

  1. Go to Environment > Requests.
  2. Duplicate a TEBR:
    1. Click the TEBR tab.
    2. Select a TEBR by clicking its checkbox.
    3. Click to select Duplicate from the Action menu.
      TEBR duplication May 2017
    4. Click to select:
      1. Duplicate Once:
        1. Type a Request Title (or use the supplied Request Title).
          Duplicate single TEBR pop up
        2. Click Duplicate.
      2. Duplicate Multiple Times:
        Duplicating multiple times allows users to create weekly or monthly duplicates for repetitive jobs, including their My Environment Bookings, without having to create the TEBRs each time from scratch.

        1. Type a Title (or use the supplied Request Title).
          Duplicate options TEBR
        2. Click to select Also duplicate environment bookings (optional).
        3. Choose from one of the following:
          1. Click to select Create weekly or monthly duplicates.
          2. Click to select the number of weeks to repeat the booking from Repeat every.
          3. Click a day of the week to Repeat on.
        4. Click to select a date to Start on.
        5. Click to select when the duplications will end:
          1. Select After a number of occurrences.
          2. Select an end date On.
      3. Click Duplicate.

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