Delete Test Plans

Test Plans can be deleted from the Test Plan tab and the Test Designer tab.

Users need the Test Plan Delete user permission

To delete a Manual Test Plan under the Test Plan Tab:

  1. Click Test Plan.
    Test Plan
  2. Delete the test plan:
    1. Via the menu button:
      1. Select Delete from the Requirement’s menu button Three dots (three dots) in the Action column on the far right. Action column header
        The menu button is hidden until the cursor is hovering over it.

      2. Click Ok to confirm.
    2. Via the button on the Test Plan:
      1. Click the Test Plan’s blue linked ID or Name.
      2. Click the delete button in the bottom-left corner.
        Red Delete Bin Button
      3. Click Ok to confirm.


To delete a Manual Test Plan under the Test Designer Tab:

  1. Click Test Designer.
    Test Designer
  2. Click the folders button. 
  3. Click Test Case Library.
  4. Locate the Test Plan you would like to delete:
    • Click All to see all Test Plans.
  5. Hover your mouse cursor over the Test Plan you would like to delete.
    The edit pencil icon and delete Black cross buttons appear.
    Delete or edit a Test Plan in Test Designer
  6. Click delete.
    Black cross
    Deleted Test Plans cannot be recovered.
  7. Click Ok to confirm.

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