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Over the next few weeks, we will be updating our user interface to make it more consistent. The icons, buttons, fonts, formatting, and colors that appear in the screenshots below will be temporarily out of date.

Clicking the Copy URL to the Clipboard button Copy to Clipboard URL button Change copy to url button allows users to paste a record’s URL into emails and documents. Users who click the URL and are:

  • Not logged into Plutora: Will be able to view the record.
  • Logged into Plutora: Will be able to view and edit the record.

The Copy URL to Clipboard button was originally shaped like a clipboard Copy to Clipboard URL button but is gradually being replaced by a linked chain  Change copy to url button as Plutora’s pages are redesigned.

To copy a URL to the clipboard:

  1. Click the Copy URL to Clipboard button at the top-right corner of pop ups throughout Plutora (see locations below).
    Use a mouse to click this button, it does not work with a touch screen.
  2. Paste the copied URL into another application or document.

The Copy URL to Clipboard button can be found in the following locations:

  • Releases > Release Manager: Click the blue-linked Release ID or Release Name.
  • Releases > Release Schedule: Click the blue-linked Release ID/Release Name.
    • View/Edit Enterprise, Project, and Independent Release pop ups: Top-right corner.
      • Activities and Criteria pop up: Click the Activities tab and then a blue-linked Activity or Criterion.
  • Releases > Change: Click a blue-linked Change ID or Name.
  • Environments > Environment Requests: Click the TECR or TEBR tab.
  • Environments > Environments: Click a blue-linked Environment Name.
  • Environments > Manage Environment Groups: Click Details.
  • Environments > Systems: Click a blue-linked System Name.
  • PIR > PIR Manager: Click a PIR.

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