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Continuous Delivery at Scale

Balance change and control of tightly coupled release trains

Maintain visibility of fast moving CD pipelines

1) Assess code quality as it moves along the delivery pipeline
2) Identify impediments and process inefficiencies
3) Establish traceability from inception to production

Expedite the hand off of new code from dev to test

1) Identify when new code is available for testing
2) Understand what changes new code contains
3) Facilitate on-demand test environments

How It Works

Commit Code into Your Repository

Developers fix defects or code up a new feature and commit the code to your code repository.

Get Alerted Whenever New Code Gets Released

Plutora prompts when a code check-in is available and shows exactly what has been changed to ensure accurate test coverage.

On-demand deployment to test environments

Don't make fast moving test teams wait for an environment. Link CI jobs to test environments where builds are triggered on-demand.

Audit Your Deployed Releases

Track all code versions released across all applications for easy auditing.

A Few Use Cases

Actionable Real-Time Insights across Test Environments

'Feature Team' development introduced team-based deployment tools (for example, Jenkins and GitHub) but did not address application dependency tracking across large, integrated Test Environments.
With Plutora's Continuous Delivery Pipeline, release teams can visualize code deployments and continuous delivery pipelines across all end-to-end Test Environments.

Centralized View of the Release Pipeline

Traditional tracking methods don't give your team a single, real-time view of where and how a release gets deployed.
Plutora's Continuous Delivery Pipeline gives release teams an interactive, drill-down audit to track release pipelines from Git to Jenkins to Jira.

On-demand Deployment of Test Environments

Test and QA tools are inadequate for supporting continuous deployment and orchestration in complex test environments.
Plutora helps reduce dev/text cycle times with push button deployment of new builds into test environments.

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