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Continuous Delivery at Scale

Manage Continuous Delivery Pipelines in complex integrated Test Environments

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Bring Your QA/Test Team into the Continuous Delivery World

Today’s pace of innovation requires development teams to deliver high-quality software faster than their competition.
Modernizing your development team means giving your QA/Test resources access to the CI/CD pipelines.

Perform Self-Service Code Deployments and Audit Them Too

Plutora's Continuous Delivery Pipeline enables testers to test faster and more efficiently by
allowing them to trigger application code builds.

How It Works

Commit Code into Your Repository

Developers fix defects or code up a new feature and commit the code to your code repository.

Get Alerted Whenever New Code Gets Released

Stop waiting for another team to deploy code for that bug fix. Plutora visually prompts you when a code check-in is ready to be deployed and shows you exactly what the developer fixed.

Self-Service Code Releases into Test Environments

Allow QA or Test Teams, and Product Managers to perform code release deployments safely and easily to speed up your release velocity.

Audit Your Deployed Releases

Track all code versions released across all applications for easy auditing.

A Few Use Cases

Actionable Real-Time Insights across Your End-to-End Test Environments

'Feature Team' development introduced team-based deployment tools (for example, Jenkins and GitHub) but did not address application dependency tracking across large, integrated Test Environments.
With Plutora's Continuous Delivery Pipeline, Test, QA, and Product teams can visualize code deployments and continuous delivery pipelines across all end-to-end Test Environments.

A Single View of Your Releases

Traditional tracking methods give your team no single, real-time view of where and how a release gets deployed.
Plutora's Continuous Delivery Pipeline gives Test, QA, and Product teams an interactive, drill-down audit to track release pipelines from Git to Jenkins to Jira.

Self-Service Orchestration Tools

Test and QA tools are inadequate for supporting continuous deployment and orchestration in an integrated test environment.
Plutora offers Test, QA, and Product teams self-service orchestration for continuous release of code. Teams can move to faster production release cycles by providing non-technical teams a unified dashboard with a build button to deploy code as required.

Start Managing Your Release Train Today

Continuous Delivery Pipeline empowers your CI/CD pipeline environment.

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