1c. Manage IM Form Information

Administrators can manage the form name, whether the form can handle attachments, and much more under Form Information. To manage form information: Click the Form Information menu button. Manage Form ID: Click the cogwheel-shaped button beside Form ID.  Enable Form ID: Click to select the Enable Automatic ID Generator radio button. Type a […]

Plutora Feature Release Notes for September 13, 2017

Features Included in the September 13, 2017 Release Regional Release Schedule Region Schedule Asia-Pacific September 13, 2017 Europe September 15, 2017 Americas September 15, 2017 Functionality Enhancements Related Releases Filter Previously, users could not filter Releases with related Systems in Systems Impact Matrix. Now, users can filter Releases with related Systems in the […]

Very Quick Start Guide For Plutora Test

Also see How To Use Plutora’s Support. Basic Navigation Plutora Test Navigation Menu. Set Up Your Project/Release Manage Projects in Plutora Test. Set Up your Users, Set Permission and Assign to User Groups User Management. Customize your Requirements, Test Cases, Defects and Email Templates Customize Plutora Test.  

Selenium Integration

Selenium integration allows Plutora Test to run automated tests of scripts in any language through AutoHub, which executes test files, listens for the responses, and puts those responses and text log files into Plutora Test. Once you have the Plutora Test Selenium integration set up, you can start adding and editing Automated Test […]

Manage User Roles And Permissions In Plutora Test

Permissions give users privileges, such as access to pages. Permissions are assigned to user roles. Users receive permissions when they are assigned to a user role. When a permission is toggled off for a user role, users with that role will notice that the buttons, links and tabs associated with that permission are […]

Plutora Test Email Templates Customization

Plutora Test’s Email Templates Customization allows Users to set up email templates that send emails which: Are sent after certain trigger events, such as an updated Defect. Contain specified content. Are sent to specified Users or User Groups. (For Plutora’s email templates customization page, see Email Template Wizard Customization.)

Manage Comment Stream

Comment Stream displays Defects, Test Plans, Test Executions, and Requirements comments where the logged-in user has been mentioned in a tag. Comment Stream allows users to draw another user’s attention to comments and the information or tasks that they contain. When a User has been tagged, a number appears next to the notification icon  in the blue header bar. […]

Filter Defects

The Defects page allows users to: View, search, and filter all Defects. See their associated Priorities, Assignees. This page lists all the Defects, including those created during Test Execution and those created independently. Also see how to Quick Search and Advanced Search, Add or Edit Defects, Duplicate Defects, and Delete Defects.

Add Or Edit Defects

Plutora Test allows users to add Defects during the Test Execution phase or by clicking the +Add defect button. Also see how to Quick Search and Advanced Search, Filter Defects, Duplicate Defects, and Delete Defects.